Posted: 09.04.2024 17:19:00

Baskov: in team with our President, we can only be first!

The players of the Head of State’s ice hockey team take to the ice to win and not let the President down. This squad comprises only like-minded people; it simply cannot be any other way – as noted by Dmitry Baskov, the head coach of the President’s hockey team, in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel.

Speaking about ‘recipes for good luck’ of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s ice hockey team players, Dmitry Baskov noted, “You know, hockey players – like other athletes – are superstitious. Therefore, some start with the left skate when tying their laces on their skates, others take to the ice with their right foot. Some wrap themselves only in white tape, and some – only in black tape. Everyone has their own ‘tricks’, but no one ever speaks about this.”

The head coach of the President’s hockey team stressed, “In a team next to the President, we can only be the first! Therefore, this is a huge responsibility. We all understand the President’s passion and energy in this game, in every match. We are going out to win and not to let the President down. Believe me, this team comprises only like-minded people, it simply cannot be any other way.”

Answering a journalist’s question about what the ice players of the President’s squad are talking about in the locker room, Dmitry Baskov laughed, “All conversations here almost always take place in a good and positive way. Some joke, some tell funny stories, some reveal secrets or something else. That’s why there is such a special atmosphere here, exemplary, if we can call it that way.”

“And secrets?” the journalist clarified.

“Secrets are a must!” confirmed the head coach. “In general, it’s not about sports at all.”