Posted: 28.08.2023 12:44:00

Bartosh on sanctions and Belarus’ exports: European manufacturers ready to work with us

Belarus’ Minister of Agriculture and Food Sergei Bartosh, in his talk with the ONT TV channel, told whether Belarusian meat and dairy products are in demand under Western sanctions, and whether European businessmen are ready to work with our country


“Yes, some changes had to be made because of the events that are taking place in the world,” the head of the agricultural department noted. “But the timely reorientation to other markets (Asian, African) did play its role. Today we supply all products to Asian countries. We also supply to the Far East, including cheese and dairy products. Deliveries are underway to Venezuela and to the United Arab Emirates.”

Moreover, the Minister noted that European manufacturers are ready to work with Belarus. “It’s just that the policy that is being pursued today limits this,” Sergei Bartosh said. “What they need, we will supply to them, what we need, they will supply to us. A little more difficult, but this issue is solvable... Our country is open for business development, and if there were those who wish, we would give them the opportunity to work, we would give them land, give them the opportunity to produce and sell their meat and dairy products, they would have no problems with the sale of their produce.”