Posted: 14.02.2022 11:07:00

Attempts to destabilise situation in the region are futile, senator believes

In his talk with BelTA, a member of the Council of the Republic, Oleg Dyachenko, stressed that any attempts to destabilise the situation in the region would fail

"A change in the international situation has predetermined closer military-political co-operation between Belarus and Russia. Western politicians do not respect Belarusians’ sacred right to follow their own path of civilizational development. Using lofty words of the protection of democracy and flaunting third-rate pathetics, they are actually threatening us with virtually direct military intervention by concentrating troops of the North Atlantic Alliance near our borders on externally controlled territories and by unreasonably applying measures of political and economic blackmail against our country,” Mr. Dyachenko stressed.

According to him, the support of extremists who dream of ‘throwing a noose around the neck of Belarusians’ is a culminating point of the insidious and short-sighted policy of western governments. As noted by the senator, they are using the services of generously paid collaborators to discredit Belarus and its peace-loving policy.

"With this in mind, under new social and historical conditions, against the background of modern rampant international banditry and in response to aggressive attacks of the collective West, we need to constantly strengthen our Armed Forces and enhance the combat capability of the Belarusian army, while also ensuring military security of the Union State jointly with Russia. In this regard, our Allied Resolve 2022 exercises aim to remind western madmen of the futility of any attempts to destabilise the situation in our country and the region as a whole," Mr. Dyachenko emphasised.