Posted: 08.12.2021 17:33:00

Around 1,000 refugees stay at transport and logistics centre

According to Igor Gedich, a member of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, about 1,000 refugees stay at the centre at the moment, and repatriation to their home countries is organised with no pressure – on a voluntary basis. Support is provided to those who have decided to stay on the Polish border.

“The Council of the Republic, among other things, is trying in every possible way to improve the conditions of people. One of the first humanitarian cargoes – 10 tonnes – came from us. The total volume of humanitarian aid has reached almost 150 tonnes – including about 70 tonnes of food, 20 tonnes of dairy products, 9,000 pieces of clothing, mattresses and warm clothes. Sanitary procedures and protection of people are organised at the highest level. The same can be said about medical care. As of today, 90 people have consulted doctors. One child, a pregnant woman (she will give birth this week), and two men stay in hospital. Volunteers monitor the psychological state of people. Today, Red Cross volunteers have organised a clown therapy for refugee children. The temperature in the centre is adequate: despite frost, it makes 17 degrees Celsius,” Mr. Gedich informed.