Posted: 19.04.2024 10:31:00

Argentina applied to join NATO as global partner

The Argentine authorities have applied for the country’s accession to NATO as a global partner – as stated by Defence Minister of Argentina Luis Petri, TASS reports


“I handed a letter of intent to [NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană] expressing Argentina’s request to become a global partner of this organisation,” Luis Petri said. “We will continue to work on restoring ties enbaling us to modernise and train our forces in line with NATO standards.”

On May 31st, 2018, the NATO Global Partnership Agreement with Colombia was signed in Brussels. Juan Manuel Santos, then the head of the republic, stated that the country was not going to become a member of the alliance and take part in its military operations. In May 2022, US President Joe Biden officially granted Colombia the status of a major non-NATO ally of the US.