Posted: 21.01.2022 17:22:00

Anti-Belarusian sanctions make no sense, Seimas former deputy believes

In Lithuania, most citizens view anti-Belarusian sanctions as nonsense – as stated by a representative of Lithuania’s civil society and a former deputy of the Seimas, Kazimieras Juraitis, in his talk with Alfa Radio

“All unanimously declare that this [anti-Belarusian sanctions] is nonsense. However, there is an order from outside the country,” Mr. Juraitis said, adding that – by executing these commands – the Lithuanian government is harming its own country. “They understand this perfectly well, but are simply pretending. After all, this is a criminal gang that got to power in a politicised way,” he added.

At the same time, poet Erika Svencioniene noted that the Lithuanian government is daily forming an image of the enemy in the form of Belarus and Russia in people’s minds. “They have such an opportunity, though we have not. All the media is controlled by them, and we have access to YouTube only. It is very difficult to convey information to citizens in conditions when an ordinary person turns on the TV and hears that our enemies are Russia and Belarus, that these states need to be feared, that our friends in the West mean well to us. These phrases make it difficult for citizens to reason,” she noted.