Posted: 19.08.2022 14:48:00

Andreichenko: our goods enjoy high demand in Laos

Before the meeting with Xaysomphone Phomvihane, the Chairman of the National Assembly of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Vladimir Andreichenko, the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, warmly commented on the relations between the two countries via videoconference, stressing that Laos and Belarus share the same positions on a number of key issues of international agenda

“Peace, unification and creation – this is what our co-operation is aimed at. We, parliamentarians, by our methods try to support the efforts of the President of our country and the efforts of the Government to increase exports. Meanwhile, our goods enjoy high popularity in Laos, especially such flagships as MAZ and Minsk Tractor Works, as well as food and personnel training services. We are developing these areas and are trying today to build up interaction with Asian countries,” noted Mr. Andreichenko.