Posted: 21.05.2024 17:03:00

Ambassador explained why it is beneficial for Belarus to develop relations with Egypt, Algeria, Sudan and Oman

In his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Egypt, Sergei Terentiev, explained how Belarus is building its political and economic dialogue with Africa and the Middle East, reports

Photo: Belarus 1 video screenshot

According to the diplomat, there was a certain period of inactivity, maybe some fears or hesitation, but a progress and interest became obvious last year. “The market is huge. The population of Egypt makes officially 107 million people at the moment, and, over the past year alone, it has increased by 2 million. All these people need food, clothes, and quality education... This is a huge niche, and I am talking about Egypt. The same applies to Algeria, which is a very interesting and progressive country. We are converting this positive attitude towards us and our political contacts into economic affairs,” Mr. Terentiev said.

The diplomat also mentioned Belarus’ traditional partner: Sudan, “It is not easy there now, there is practically a civil war going on. However, the Sudanese know us, and I can even assert that they love us. Belarusians love them as well, so I think we will also convert this mutual respect and friendship with Sudan [into an economic effect].”

Mr. Terentiev added that Oman is also committed to developing relations with Belarus. "They always say: come to us, and we will help you go to East Africa, Yemen, South Asia, where we are already present."

The diplomat stressed that all the mentioned countries treat Belarus positively. As regards trade relations, there have difficult periods, with different dynamics. As he noted, it is hardly possible to state that the countries have reached a peak in their relations, “The potential of our co-operation is not fully realised. Egypt, Algeria, Sudan and Oman can actually represent a large and interesting market for Belarus. After mastering one niche, we can move on – concentrating not only on goods, but services as well. We should not forget about investment co-operation and the possibility of attracting investments from these countries. Volumes are just one point, while the quality and nomenclature of trade are somewhat different. We must work, and we are working to improve the quality range of our trade. It is necessary to focus not on the current short-term aspects, but on gaining a strategically long-lasting foothold there.”