Posted: 27.05.2024 15:37:00

Altai Krai Governor on co-operation with Belarus: we are looking for promising and profitable areas

Belarus and the Altai Krai have plans to develop co-operation in a wide range of areas – as noted by this Russian region’s Governor, Viktor Tomenko, after meeting with President Aleksandr Lukashenko today


In particular, Mr. Tomenko stressed, “The connection between Russia and Belarus, the Altai Krai and Belarus is so close and inseparable that any negotiations tackle a wide range of issues. Thanks to the support and decisions of the Belarusian leadership, President Aleksandr Grigorievich [Lukashenko], we have prepared an extensive programme of negotiations and meetings on pressing issues of our interaction for the four days of the visit. First of all, we are talking about co-operation to ensure the technological sovereignty of our countries. The Altai Krai sells components for Belarusian enterprises: wheels, fuel system elements, tyre products. In turn, we import agricultural machinery and equipment from Belarus. Belarusian dairy products are also represented in the Altai Krai, although the latter is one of the leaders of Russia’s agro-industrial complex.”

According to the Russian guest, there is a need to develop co-operation on the purchase of passenger vehicles. Not long ago, the Altai Krai bought ten modern trams and about ten trolleybuses from Belkommunmash.

“We have certain achievements, we are not starting from scratch. We continue our work, and we are looking for the areas, where we can show better results in the activities that our people can see and need,” Mr. Tomenko said.