Posted: 25.09.2023 10:07:00

Aleinik on the balance of power in UN: Western coalition losing its potential while Global South’s voice sounding more powerful

The group of countries of the so-called Western coalition in the UN is losing its potential and this is obvious to everyone today – as stated by Belarus’ Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik during an online press conference for the Belarusian media

“The rise of the countries of the Global South on the international agenda enables us to talk about a certain shift in balances in the UN. Today it is too early to talk about any serious contradictions, although they exist. However, we can talk about the decline of the concept of promoting democracy and coercive practices on the part of Western countries, the concept that Mr. Borrell formulated in his hackneyed phrase, dividing the world into a garden and a jungle. This is the philosophy that Western countries promoted both at the UN and in their bilateral relations with the rest of the world. This is a policy of coercion, pressure, neo-colonialism, which was also promoted by the collective West in relation to the rest of the world,” said Sergei Aleinik.

According to the FM, an obvious transformation is taking place in this part, “The voice of the Global South and its coalition is beginning to sound more and more powerful, and it is obvious to us that this voice will only strengthen. Of course, for our part, we participate in all formats that are held at the UN. We will continue the movement aimed at making the voice of the Global South more heard, so that the principles of truly fair dialogue are established at the UN, the principles of sovereign equality of states are respected, and the organisation works for peace, creativity and sustainable development.”