Posted: 21.10.2021 09:41:00

Agricultural exports likely to exceed $6bn by late 2021

Exports of agricultural products and food have already exceeded last year's figures by more than $400m to exceed $6bn by the end of 2021. In 2022, up to $6.5bn are expected – as noted by the Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandr Subbotin

The Deputy Prime Minister visited the opening ceremony of the 7th Dairy Belarus Export Forum – which will last until October 22nd, in Minsk.

Representatives of Belarusian enterprises will meet with leading experts and heads of the branch to discuss main market trends, related tasks and opportunities. The programme also includes a seminar on marketing and sales, the 2nd congress of laboratory assistants and this year's new events: Dry Profit and Cheese Academy seminars. The exclusive membership Club of Directors will gather for its first meeting on strategic planning and management.

Discussions, presentations, business meetings, tasting of dozens of new dairy products, a sales master class, and an awarding ceremony for the best exporters as part of the 100 Export Roads competition will be organised.