Posted: 01.10.2021 11:38:00

Administrative fines possible for not wearing face masks in Belarus

Belarus’ Deputy Healthcare Minister – Chief Sanitary Inspector, Aleksandr Tarasenko, has told Belarus 1 TV channel that Belarus might introduce administrative fines for those who fail to wear face masks 

“Last week, we held a working meeting with heads of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. We are concerned about the state of affairs [related to the spread of coronavirus] in public transport. This is one of the most dangerous places for infection,” he explained.

Commenting upon the fact that many passengers ignore observance of the mask regime, Mr. Tarasenko noted, “If persuasion does not work, then times will come when we will impose administrative fines for not wearing face masks. Of course, it is difficult to socially distance on public transport, but the Ministry of Transport and Communications has recommendations on this matter. These refer to reducing traffic intervals during rush hours.”