Posted: 20.10.2021 09:43:00

Additional funds to be allocated to fight COVID

Necessary funds will be raised to fight COVID-19 without any harm to other sectors of the economy – as noted by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko at a meeting on the epidemiological situation and measures taken to counter the spread of coronavirus infection


As the Prime Minister informed, this year, the Republican budget has allocated more than Br7.6bn (approx. $3.05bn) for healthcare, which makes 5 percent of the GDP. So far, $6bn ($2.4bn) has been spent.

“The Government uses all available financial instruments to ensure sustainable functioning of the sector. Of course, the rise in cases forces us to look for additional sources for funding. Therefore, in the near future, we will address the Head of State with a request to allocate additional funds in the amount of almost Br250m (approx. $100m), including Br140m ($56m) to buy medicines and vaccines,” he said.

Roman Golovchenko added that about $250m ($100m) will be needed to pay COVID related bonuses to doctors in Q4. Since early 2021, Br825m (or about $330m) have been allocated by the Republican budget for this purpose; and since the beginning of the pandemic, this figure makes almost Br1.3bn (approx. $520m).

“These are serious figures for the budget but – even in these difficult conditions – we manage to maintain high rates of industrial production by optimising internal reserves,” the Prime Minister explained. “Accordingly, the pandemic significantly affects the national economy but – despite this – we manage to cope with it. The required funds will be raised without any harm to other sectors of the economy.”