Posted: 07.06.2023 16:50:00

According to sociological monitoring, children and family are most important for Belarusians

At the same time, as Alesya Solovei, a researcher at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, noted such unanimity is typical for people of all ages


“Family is an important social institution that regulates the reproduction of the population and the continuity of generations, while the preservation and cultivation of family values in the public consciousness is one of the factors in the sustainable development of modern Belarusian society,” notes Alesya Solovei. “The results of the nationwide sociological monitoring (conducted in February 2023, the sample size was 1,849 respondents) confirm the importance of family values for Belarusians, regardless of gender and age. Answering the question ‘What is most important for you in life?’, 72.4 percent indicated the family (of which 70.0 percent were men and 74.2 percent were women)."

According to the specialist, family relations are a priority for both young and already mature people: under the age of 30, there are 61.1 percent of them, among 30-49-year-olds the figure is 77.2 percent, among those 50 years and older – 72.1 percent. Our society has no less reverent towards the younger generation, too.

“According to the data of the nationwide sociological monitoring, for 67.0 percent of Belarusians, children are also significant in life,” notes Alesya Solovei. “At the same time, women choose this option more often than men: 72.2 percent and 60.4 percent, respectively. In the age group under 30, only every third respondent indicated the importance of children in their lives: 33.4 percent. However, with age, obviously, comes understanding – as is evidenced by the fact that already 72.8 percent of Belarusians aged 30-49 and 73.9 percent of people aged 50 and older indicate that children are the most important thing in their lives.”