Posted: 14.04.2022 11:11:00

About 600 tourists can go to stratosphere in a balloon

About 600 people decided to buy the opportunity to admire the views of the Earth from a height of 30km for $125,000 – as stated by Jane Poynter, the founder and co-CEO of the US company Space Perspective, in an interview with the UPI agency, TASS reports


Two years ago, the Florida-based venture announced that it would take tourists to the upper atmosphere in a pressurised capsule called the Spaceship Neptune, which is lofted by a balloon. In June 2021, the company successfully tested the balloon without a crew. At the same time, the firm came up with an offer to purchase a seat from them to make a trip to the edge of space.

“There are already about 600 people on the waiting list,” said Ms. Pointer, announcing her desire to be among the first passengers of the capsule.

She said flights could start as early as 2024. Those who booked their seats made deposits of $1,000. In the first year, there will probably be 25 missions, with eight tourists in each, then the number of flights will increase.

The company promises comfortable conditions for Spaceship Neptune passengers: huge windows that open a 360-degree panoramic view, soft chairs or sofas, a toilet, a bar with alcoholic drinks, snacks and even Internet access.