Posted: 24.10.2022 16:35:00

8th Belarusian Space Congress begins its work in Minsk

From October 25th through October 27th, Minsk will bring together leading scientists and experts from abroad to focus on space related issues. A large delegation is coming from Russia – representing Roscosmos, the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as enterprises and organisations working in the field of space technologies. More than 120 reports are planned by scientists and specialists from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Uzbekistan. The event is organised by Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, the Space Research Agency, and the Joint Institute of Informatics Problems at Belarus’ NAS.

As reported by the NAS press service, five sections of the large-scale forum will focus on innovative programmes, projects and technologies in the rocket and space industry, spacecraft, and so on. Plenary sessions will be devoted to discussion of the experience and prospects for the development of space activities in the Union State within the framework of the implementation of federal, national and allied space programmes, the results of Russia’s research of the Earth group and the Moon, and the possibilities of co-operation along this avenue. Development of the direction of small spacecraft at Russia’s leading enterprise of rocket and space industry – RCC Progress JSC – is also planned for consideration. In addition, the congress participants will summarise the results of the Union State’s Monitoring-SG programme implementation.

The 7th Belarusian Space Congress was held in Minsk five years ago, gathering 400+ scientists from all over the world.