Posted: 14.10.2021 13:03:00

500m tonnes of corn already harvested in Belarus

Due to the drought, 1.5m tonnes less of ear-forming crops have been harvested this year against the 2020 figures and this gap is supposed to be partially filled at the expense of corn 

By now, around 500m tonnes of corn have been threshed in the country – to make a total of 6.9m of grain, including ear-forming crops.

As Belarus’ Minister of Agriculture and Food, Ivan Krupko, said recently, in 2021, around 1.8 tonnes of corn are planned to be harvested – which will exceed the 2020 yield by 400,000 tonnes. There are all grounds to believe that this result will be achieved. At the moment, the corn yield makes 79 quintals per hectare, while it was 67 a year ago.