Posted: 06.01.2022 14:18:00

Medical physicist from Belarus named CIS best young scientist

Yekaterina Goncharova, a medical physicist of the Brest Regional Oncological Dispensary, was recognised as the CIS best scientist – as reported by the press service of Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions

Photo by press service of Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions

The lady presented a paper on radiation therapy possibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic for the competition. The young scientist set a goal to find ways that could eliminate interruptions in treatment of cancer patients emerged as a result of the pandemic. Yekaterina has been conducting research since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus infection.

The lady participated in the competition for the first time and, in her work, Yekaterina also tackled the need of an individual approach in planning radiation therapy. All studies are based on a particular case of breast cancer treatment.

The specialist was awarded a diploma of the 3rd degree and the 2021 Best Young Scientist medal for her contribution to development of science and education in the CIS.