Posted: 07.10.2022 13:22:00

40 percent of urban passenger transport in Belarus likely to become electric by 2025

Sales of electric vehicles are steadily growing worldwide. More than 10,000 electric cars are already moving along the roads of Belarus, and the figure has doubled over the past twelve months. The fleet of public electric transport is also expanding: more than 100 such buses are running along city routes.

The Belarusian machine-building industry is moving along the path of development and creation of electric transport very dynamically. As a result of the implementation of the electric transport development programme, 12,000 electric vehicles are expected to be registered in the country by 2025, and more than 2,450 electric buses and trolleybuses with autonomous running will service Belarusian roads. Accordingly, over 40 percent of urban passenger transport will be electric. The infrastructure is also developing: around 930 state-run electric charging stations already operate countrywide.