Posted: 15.04.2022 15:59:20

3,150 homesteads ready to welcome guests in Belarus

Last year, domestic tourism figures doubled – and this can be easily explained: the pandemic and closed borders inspired holidaymakers to turn to Belarusian sanatoriums and homesteads located on lake and river banks

The number of private homesteads has increased: at the moment, 3,150 luxury farmsteads are ready to welcome guests countrywide. Moreover, they all enjoy a great demand – attracting more than 500,000 people in 2021.

“People visited farmsteads with pleasure,” Valeria Klitsounova, the Chair of Country Escape Public Association, said. “Some might be afraid to go to a sanatorium because of crowds of people, though a village house was to everyone’s liking. I should admit that all were happy with our services. Some hosts offered master classes in bread baking, while others organised creative nights of poetry and romances. Some offered culinary tours, and there was collaboration of estates from different districts. Tasting of snails and honey was also popular. Another trend that we decided to promote is ecotherapy: retreats and spiritual practices are very popular at present.”

“Speaking in general, people are holidaying for impressions: these are the best-selling product. Homesteads are now able to wonderfully create emotions: many co-operate with farmers, craftsmen and kayaking clubs,” Ms. Klitsounova added.