Posted: 27.12.2021 15:00:00

2022 symbol presented to Lukashenko

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, received presents on behalf of all children of the country at a charity event held as part of Our Children campaign at the Palace of the Republic, BelTA reports


Children presented the Head of State with a ‘Symbol of the Year’ toy: a smiling striped tiger which holds a snow ball decorated with blue snowflakes in its paw. A white scarf with an ornament and the ‘We’ inscription is tied around the toy neck – symbolising the Year of People’s Unity. The tiger was made of felt by schoolgirls Kristina Derengovskaya and Anastasia Semenchuk, from the Crazy Hands club of Grodno’s Spectrum Centre of Creativity of Children and Youth.

Another present to the President was a Studzen [January] glass painting panel – made by Daria Lukina, from Gomel’s Gymnasium No. 58 named after F.P. Gaaz. The girl tried to convey the atmosphere of a frosty sunny day in her work which features children playing in the street, dogs and cats next to them, and bullfinches on a snow-covered fence.

As reported, Our Children charity campaign is running in Belarus from December 14th to January 14th. These days, the country's top officials, heads of Republican government bodies and state organisations, concerns, banks, and public associations visit boarding schools, hospitals, large families, and family-type orphanages.

The Main Christmas Tree is the key event of the campaign. This traditional charity New Year holiday is attended by the President and amazes with a Christmas performance. The holiday includes a colourful fairy-tale musical and stage show – Magic Power – performed by Belarus’ best creative teams, a cultural programme and presents from the Head of State.

More than 2,300 children aged 8-14 have been invited to the Palace of the Republic. Among them are parentless children, boys and girls from boarding schools, disabled children and those from large and low-income families. Cadet school students, children from military families, boys and girls who suffered from the Chernobyl disaster’s consequences, and students who have achieved high results in studies, sports, creativity and social work have also been invited.

Addressing those present at the festivity, Aleksandr Lukashenko admitted that for him, as President, attending the holiday was also a present. “This is an opportunity to take a moment away from important political affairs, sometimes not very pleasant, and to jointly with you plunge into the world of childhood – a world which has place for a fairy tale, dreams and, most importantly, miracles,” he said. “I am happy that, over the years of Our Children charity project organisation, every little Belarusian has learned – not in words but in deeds – that their country infinitely cares about them and needs them.”