Posted: 05.08.2022 16:39:00

Opinion: the West strategically slipped up in its calculations regarding sanctions war against Belarus and Russia

A reaction to the restrictions imposed against Russia and Belarus is already changing in the West. Firstly, many people in Washington and Brussels observe the futility of pressure on Minsk and Moscow. Secondly, the prohibitive measures are hitting the population of the countries of the ‘golden billion’, putting their economies into recession and, consequently, significantly worsening the standard of living of their citizens. Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, commented on the observed geopolitical tendencies.

“We now see the aggravation of problems in the countries of the collective West, and this is related to the strategic miscalculations made at the beginning of the sanctions war against Belarus, Russia and China and also during its implementation. Boris Johnson, Mario Draghi and a number of other politicians have already paid for these miscalculations with their positions and careers. A further rotation in the political establishment of Western countries is also expected, but it will only lead to tightening of the rhetoric against the collective East. The reason is rooted in a serious financial and economic crisis experienced by Anglo-Saxon corporations (the US and the UK); they can no longer compete highly effectively with Eastern corporations. The Anglo-Saxons are trying to save their corporations at the expense of a new war. However, the inability to win it exacerbates internal contradictions and leads to protests in society. Bankruptcy of a range of Western structures is likely to follow, and the crisis will intensify. There will be a transition to a new security system and financial and economic structure,” Mr. Avdonin said.