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Yunost fails to win Cup

Minsk hockey club Yunost lost out on the Continental Cup after being beaten by an unlikely French team: the Rouen Dragons

By Nikolay Stukorev

In the final, hosts played against Donbass. Until the final minutes, Yunost was close to claiming victory. The Belarusians needed a mere one or two point lead by Rouen Dragons and would have been content with a score of 3:2. However, the French team was obviously unhappy with the score; just before the end of the match, they managed to score twice within half a minute — winning the Cup.

“The possibility of winning was so near. However, we shouldn’t blame bad luck or the regulations — as we played well,” notes Yunost’s head coach, Mikhail Zakharov. “We came second, while Donbass, with its $20 million budget, is third. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

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