President takes part in the 42nd conference of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union

Youth affairs

President takes part in the 42nd conference of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, tackling issues of youth policy, staffing support and how to help young people find a path through life in the best way

The President focused on education, saying, “Today’s technology is making the entire world accessible and, in some ways, homogeneous. People have equal opportunities to education and starting a business, to finding information, conducting research and trading, while being able to take advantage of the latest medical treatments. In order to succeed in business or to achieve academic recognition, or simply to have a happy family, there is no need to go overseas. You don’t even need to move to the capital for this. No matter where you live, only hard work and persistence are necessary. It’s important that every one of you understands this simple truth as soon as possible.”

Mr. Lukashenko emphasised, “We should give every young person the opportunity to gain high-quality, basic education, to form the foundation of personal growth. After that, it is up to young people to decide how to attain happiness and success. Today’s employers pay attention not only to diplomas, but to additional skills: courses, training sessions, internships, research projects and self-development.”

It seems that the current younger generation is more prepared for such a system of education than the last yet those aged under 30 account for a third of those registered with employment services: over 55,000 people. “What is the reason? Lack of knowledge or inflated requirements by employers?” wonders the Head of State. He believes that job seekers have unrealistic expectations, since plenty of work exists. He is convinced that university graduates want everything at once and are reluctant to start at a lower position, believing they deserve the highest salary possible. A young engineer wants the same salary as a company director general, but lacks understanding of the obstacles overcome to attain such status.

“Nothing comes all at once,” warned Mr. Lukashenko. “You can’t just speed off down the motorway. You must first start your car and gain acceleration, without skidding to a halt. Education is just a driving license, and it can take many years of experience before you become the best in your profession, climbing the career ladder and making good money.”

The President also noted staffing problems relating to youth state policy, seeing this as a major task for the BRSM: to find and train leaders who ‘can engage Belarusian youth in activities important to society and the state’. Competence, engagement, independence and, especially, social responsibility for the country’s future should be the main qualities instilled in young citizens.

According to the President, teachers and mentors play a key role in the process. Moreover, the best scientists and researchers should be involved: a practice undeservingly neglected by state bodies and organisations, although mentoring is a unique method of support in educating workers. Mentoring facilitates professional development and promotes professional adaptation, while creating a consolidated team.

By Alexander Ivanov
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