Young scientist attracts attention

Car number plate recognition technology
By Andrey Anikeev

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics graduate Alexey Yanochkin’s universal technology can recognise symbols digitally, regardless of font, number of lines, background colour or rotational angle. His software can then divine individual characters, making it perfect for recognising car number plates or reading business cards.

The software can be used by road traffic cameras or even by a camera on a mobile phone. Similar technologies are already used abroad, recognising patterns to discern car number plates; however, such technology can have trouble recognising foreign plates. Meanwhile, the Belarusian technology is universal and can be used in any lighting. “The technology is maximally adapted to real conditions,” notes Alexey.

The recent 7th International Conference Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, held in Minsk, brought together researchers in the field of artificial intelligence from over 15 countries — including reports from well-known scientists from the USA and Italy.

“The conference was scientific but included presentations of practical application for industry, agriculture and medicine,” explains the Deputy Dean of the Computer Systems and Networks Department of the BSUIR, Marina Lukashevich. She asserts that scientific developments by Belarusian scientists in the sphere of neural networks and artificial intelligence are recognised abroad, with much success seen in the area of decision-making systems.
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