Yevgeny Gutarovich takes the lead on cycling track

Belarusian cyclist starts new season as Francaise Des Jeux leader

By Kirill Karin

According to, Francaise Des Jeux failed to receive much attention in 2010, since the French squad mostly appeared only in local races, rather than Grand Tour events. It was placed 22nd in the International Cycling Union ratings

last year, although it won four races and gained 15 victories in separate rounds.
Pleasingly, Belarusian Yevgeny Gutarovich made a great contribution to the team’s success, since the team won the second Vuelta round, where Yevgeny came first, beating even famous British Mark Cavendish, who also performed well. Gutarovich won four other races, with two wins at the very beginning of the season, during the Mediterranean Tour. He also won a race at the Circuit de Lorraine Professionnels, held in May, and won a race during the Polish Tour, in August.

Taking into account that the Belarusian cyclist’s wins during the season were distributed evenly over time, we can admit his success. Unsurprisingly, the FDJ’s heads have placed him in leading position this year, in the sprint, allowing the team to work for Yevgeny’s benefit (rather than his French colleagues). This greatly increases his chance of success.

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