Yanka Kupala Square to appear in Israeli Ashdod

Square named after great Belarusian classical writer to appear in Israeli city of Ashdod

Ashdod municipality’s city authorities are supporting a proposal by the Belarusian Embassy to Israel and the All-Israeli Union of Belarusian Expatriates in naming the square. “The adopted decision reflects the unique history of good neighbourly relations between Belarusians and the Jewish community and is dedicated to the forthcoming 130th anniversary of the birth of this Belarusian literary classic,” notes a statement from the Belarusian Embassy to Israel.

Ashdod is Israel’s sixth largest city, located on the Mediterranean Sea coast. It boasts a population of around 210,000 and has one of the largest communities of Belarus-born people in Israel. It was recently twinned with Brest.

The city’s sights include Givat Yona (Jonah’s Hill): according to legend, it houses the tomb of Jonah the Prophet. There is also the unique natural phenomenon of the Big Dune, and an artificial harbour for yachts, which can moor up to five hundred vessels.

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