Writer who knows history perfectly

Central Scientific Library (named after Yakub Kolas) of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences presents Knight of Belarusian Land exhibition dedicated to 80th anniversary of Belarusian literary genius Vladimir Korotkevich

The exhibition is showcasing about 500 (out of 1,600) written and graphic materials relating to the life and works of Vladimir Korotkevich, from library archives. These include manuscripts of his works from the 1950s (with the author’s drawings), the novels Ears Under Your Sickle, Christ Landed in Grodno and Black Castle of Olshany, alongside stories, essays and fairytales. Visitors will be able to see Mr. Korotkevich’s writing from his days of studying at Kiev’s State Shevchenko University: his notebooks, letters, rare photos, history-related drawings, illustrations for his own novels, portraits and friendly caricatures. Moreover, his books published in different languages are on show, in addition to those containing dedications to the writer.

Literary historian Anatoly Vorobei called Vladimir Korotkevich ‘a genius, prophet and national writer who knows Belarusian history and culture deeply and who has shown Belarusians’ uniqueness, while creating an artistic chronicle of Belarus and doing much to awaken countrymen’s national memory’. Mr. Vorobei sees the return of the written legacy of this literary legend to his homeland as a significant move.

Not long ago, the National Library of Belarus presented Vladimir Korotkevich’s Savage Hunt of King Stakh (a novel) in English, Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian, published by the Belarusian Fund of Culture. The writer’s 80th birthday was celebrated in Orsha, with the town being the first to see the new edition.

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