Worthy Initiative

A parliamentary delegation of the Republic of Belarus led by chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly Gennady Novitsky attended the international conference “OSCE: security in Europe and risk management” in Brussels
The conference addressed various aspects and ways to mitigate crises in modern Europe. Attending the forum were parliamentarians, government members and representatives of the scientific community of the OSCE member-states.

Gennady Novitsky spoke about Belarus’ contribution to the fight against international crime, illegal migration, drug trafficking and human traffic, to strengthening of the security of energy supplies to Europe.

Gennady Novitsky also informed the forum about the initiative of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to set up global partnership against slavery and human traffic in the 21st century.

The international community should also build up cooperation with Belarus in minimizing the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, Gennady Novitsky stated when speaking at a plenary sitting of the international conference.
The Belarusian delegation held a series of meetings with the chairman and members of the senate of Belgium, delegation of the Belgian parliament in the Interparliamentary Union, and leaders of several delegations attending the conference.


In 2001–2005 Belarus received $400 million in foreign technical aid from governmental organizations and NGOs from Italy, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland and other countries.

Belarus has recently signed an intergovernmental agreement with China on grant assistance to the amount of $6 million.

Besides, over 50,000 Belarusian children take recuperation holidays in as many as 26 foreign countries every year.
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