Worth its Weight in Vote

At its session, the Central Election Committee adopted a calendar plan of the current election campaign
Of course, this package of documents is of special concern to those who are going to take part in the election campaign. And according to the experts, 6-7 candidates representing a wide political spectrum will be running for presidency. For them the countdown has already started and every minute is “worth its weight in vote”. The Central Election Committee reminded that, in accordance with the Constitution, eligible for the Belarusian presidency are those who are over 35, born in Belarus, have resided in the country for ten years prior to the elections and have the franchise. Candidates for presidency are nominated by the country citizens’ subscription. In order to be registered, the candidate must submit at least 100,000 voters’ signatures collected by his initiative group in number of at least 100 persons. By the way, according to the plan of the election campaign, nomination of candidates starts 80 days (29 December) and ends 50 days (27 January) before the elections’ date. Registration of the candidates will be conducted from 12 to 21 February. And the most intense part of the election campaign — the electioneering — will last till 18 March.

The Central Election Committee paid attention also to journalists. In its decree the Committee dwelled upon the rights of mass media representatives who are covering the election campaign. The journalists have the right to be present at any sessions of election committees and at the polling stations, if they have a document that confirms their status. “This decree targets at securing of the main principle of the election campaign — the principle of publicity”, commented the Chairwoman of the Central Election Committee, Lidiya Yermoshina.

Anatoly Petrovsky
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