World of Тanks, Viber, pilotless aircraft and beyond

Belarusian Embassy to Moscow presents country’s export potential
Quarrels need to be put aside

“The EU has lifted sanctions against Belarus and we expect to see the full and final abolishment of all restrictions,” the Belarusian Ambassador, Igor Petrishenko, has announced. “This mechanism is to remain in the past. Belarus has been and remains a fully fledged member of the European family.” 

According to Mr. Petrishenko, Minsk is ready for active co-operation with all EU states. Belarus sees prospects in developing joint industrial and agricultural projects with Albania and is interested in raising turnover with Belgium from the current figure of $560m.

“I heartily welcome the Spanish delegation. In recent times, we’ve activated political dialogue and I’m convinced that the opening of embassies in Madrid and Minsk will be possible in future. Spain is the largest EU state in which we lack a diplomatic mission,” the Ambassador adds.

Despite geographical remoteness, trade has been growing with Portugal, and the diplomat adds, “We hope to expand tourism with Greek partners. The Cypriot capital plays a major role in investing in the Belarusian economy. Meanwhile, every year, we exchange permits for international transportation with Macedonia, showing that trade is ongoing.”

Unmanned aircraft production is a profitable export proposal from Belarus. Pavel Chuyko

Surprises at hand

Guests at the presentation were able to view Belarus’ automobile, petrochemical, wood processing, light and food industry developments. Foreign diplomats learnt that, in recent years, the country has not only preserved its Soviet legacy but has modernised it, to meet international standards. Of course, Belarus’ membership of the Eurasian Economic Union opens up new possibilities.

Belarus is gaining recognition in Europe as an exporter of innovative products, such as pilotless aircraft (with expanded applications), aero-cosmic monitoring systems, optic and laser devices and software. Among the latter are the globally known computer game World of Тanks and the Viber smartphone application, used by millions of people worldwide. “I’ve learnt much that’s new, although I studied Belarusian economics in the past,” admits the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Montenegro to Russia, Zoran Jocovic.

The Belarusian High-Tech Park is also gaining recognition in the EU, while the new Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park is presenting huge opportunities for investors. The latter is to become an important stage of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

“Despite all hardships, the European Union is striving to improve relations. In early February, a landmark event took place: a meeting with the European Commission’s delegation in Minsk,” comments the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Head of Foreign Economic Activity, Pavel Vzyatkin, who also heads the Export Promotion Department. “During the meting, we discussed in detail how economic relations with Belarus could be developed and how trade barriers could be lifted. Talks on the country’s move to join the WTO also became more active.”

By Nikolay Alexeev
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