World is more beautiful when we’re together

International Slavonic Unity-2011 Festival of Slavonic Nations takes place near Friendship Monument, at border of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine

By Vasily Namin

The event was attended by official delegations from the border regions of our three Slavonic countries, as well as participants of an international Druzhba-2011 (Friendship) youth tent camp. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill, was also among the honorary guests of the festival.

A traditional festival, organised by Russia this year, was held under the slogan ‘The World is Beautiful When We are Together: a World of Faith, Brotherhood and Love!’ Meanwhile, the forum included a festival for the historic towns of the Bryansk, Chernigov and Gomel regions. They met near the Friendship Monument, enjoying sporting competitions and a concert by famous performers and popular bands. Numerous guests visited the creative stands of Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian regions, particularly ‘The Planet of Childhood’ and ‘Space and Us’, while trade fairs offered a wide range of goods by domestic, Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers.

The International Slavonic Unity-2011 Festival of Slavonic Nations, held near the Friendship Monument, on the border of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, is the biggest international event for our three countries and has won great popularity far beyond the border areas. Delegations from the Gomel, Bryansk and Chernigov regions first met in 1969 and, in 1975, the Friendship Monument was erected; now, each year, the holiday brings together dozens of thousands of guests.

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