World harmony in every day and habitual life

An exhibition of open-air painting — Vasya Was Here — opened at the University of Culture Art Gallery in Minsk

An exhibition of open-air painting — Vasya Was Here — opened at the University of Culture Art Gallery in Minsk

Vasya-Was-Here1.pngVasily Peshkun — is one of the few modern artists practising open-air painting. The works of the artist are an original diary of his observations and impressions. Vasily travels everywhere with his easel and paints. Thanks to this artist, unique and vivid people from different cities and countries appear in the gallery of expressive and distinctive portraits. The master is more often inspired by Belarusian landscapes, and almost in any weather it is possible to see him in the streets of Minsk. Vasily Peshkun puts on his canvases not only architectural features of the city, but also the quickly changing life. The artist also pays attention to such genres as still-life. Simple things and subjects from every-day life, the corner of a workshop with paints and brushes, a bench near an old well, the attributes and tools of rural work in a shed under a roof, flowers and fruit — here are the plots of his pictures. Such plainness of composition persuades spectators to reflect, forces them to feel a charm and the display of world harmony in every day and habitual life.


At the exhibition of open-air painting

Looking at Vasily Peshkun’s works, a spectator is transferred to those places where the artist stood, and together, with him, admires, enjoys and wonders at the beauty and grandeur of nature: the steepness of mountains, the transparent cleanliness of lakes, the rhythm of the big cities and the slow breath of a small village. From August 29th till September 13th, everyone can go on a pleasant journey for which it is not necessary to pack a suitcase or buy tickets. Vasily Peshkun is a grant holder of the Special Fund of the President of Belarus on the Support of Talented Youth. Since 2005, he has been a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists. The participant of many republican and international exhibitions has had over ten personal exhibitions. His works are stored at the National Art Museum of Belarus, the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Jersey City (USA), the Belarusian Embassy in Budapest (Hungary) and private collections in Belarus, Russia, USA, Israel, Japan, Italy and France.
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