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Works imbued with warmth and love

Two pictures by Marc Chagall, brought from Pskov, on show in Vitebsk
The Vitebsk museum has been negotiating with the Pskov State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve since 2009. As a result, Vitebsk residents and its guests now have a unique opportunity to see two early works by Marc Chagall from the so-called ‘Vitebsk cycle’ — on display until August 14th. Art critics appreciate this cycle most of all, and the paintings of this period are the most expensive. This equally applies to the Black Lovers graphic work (dating back to 1914-1915) and the famous scenic work (an unusual technique of oil on paper on cardboard) Bathing of a Baby, written in 1916. Both are first exhibited in Belarus.

At exhibition opening

According to the Vitebsk Art Museum Director Olga Akunevich, the works are imbued with love, which was especially peculiar of the young Marc Chagall. Pskov Museum curator Maria Protsenko added that it’s this feeling that makes Bathing of a Baby so valuable and beloved worldwide. “Chagall depicted the domestic scene of him and Bella bathing their daughter Ida. The room and surroundings are depicted in cold colours, as if the world around is shaken. However, the warmth and love of the people in the centre hold the balance,” explained Ms. Protsenko, stressing that the picture often travels around the world and is rarely seen even in Pskov.

Bathing of a Baby

Meanwhile, the Black Lovers work, like any graphic piece, ‘takes a rest’ for half a year in the museum collection before a new exposure, not to lose its beauty. So the black inked kiss of the artist and his muse was long hidden from eyes before it got to Vitebsk — the city where the artist was born.

These two works are exhibited together with the artist’s family photos published in the book, entitled Marc Chagall. Hello, Motherland!

By Vladimir Mikhailov

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