Words Like Birds...

Anthology of poetry of Grodno, Bialystok regions published in Poland
“Nests of Words — Words of Nests” is a two-volume collection of poetry of the Grodno Region, Belarus, and the Bialystok Region, Poland, that has been published in Poland. The books were printed by the Podlyaska publishing house named after Lukas Gurnicki in Bialystok.

The books contain verses by famous Belarusian poets Larisa Genuish, Ales Barski, Nadzeya Artymovich, Yan Chikvin, Viktor Shved and Danuta Bichel. The collection also includes poems by Belarus’ talented beginners Mira Lukzsa from Poland and Veslav Shimanski from Belarus.

The main purpose of the edition is to show the versatility and originality of the poetry of these bordering regions and introduce the creative works of the two minorities — Belarusians in Poland and Poles in Belarus.

“The native lands and the languages of forefathers are close to Belarusians, citizens of Poland and especially the Bialystok Region. The Poles who live in Belarus feel a connection to their own nest. We will never forsake the native nest,” says the afterword of the collection.

“Words are just like birds — they hide in nestlings of verses” said the collectors of poems about the authors that wrote about their native land. The poems have been carefully translated into the opposite language: Belarusian verses are rendered in Polish and Polish poems are presented in Belarusian.

Most of them were translated by the famous Belarusian poet of the Bialystok Region Viktor Shved, who was awarded Belarus’ Frantsysk Skaryna medal in 2005 for developing Belarusian culture in Poland. The edition also used the materials provided by the library of the “Grodno Pravda” newspaper under the editorship of Yurka Golub. The collection was published as part of the series “Literature without Borders. Strengthening of Literary and Cultural Ties of Grodno Region and Bialystok Region”. The project is financed from the European Union funds jointly with “Euroregion Neman”.
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