Wonderful needlework brought from Suzhou

Traditional Chinese art on display in Minsk from Dancing with the Wind Art Salon
By Svetlana Shidlovskaya

The hall is small, with a modest number of items on display, but they are all beautiful. Visitors can wander freely, soaking up the atmosphere of China through meditative music playing in the background.

Suzhou’s silk embroidery from the last decade is stunning: Spring Flowers, Happy Couple and other compositions show a flickering play of shadows — a real miracle of needlework. Meanwhile, ceramists will love the collection teapots from the city of Yixing, whose handles are in the form of dragons, with snakes and frogs on top. The painted porcelain from Jingdezhen teaches us sensory appreciation of nature. 

The other halls in the museum reveal the wonders of famous ‘Nieman’ artists Lyudmila Myagkova and Vladimir Murakhver: a wealth of decanters, vases and jugs, with necks like swans, whirling in dance and blossoming like flowers...
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