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Wonderful coincidence: first beauties come from same village

Yulia Skalkovich from Brest Region’s Kleiniki becomes Miss Belarus-2012, following in footsteps of Kleiniki-born Olga Nevdakh a decade ago

By Viktar Korbut

The winner of Miss Belarus-2012 was announced in early May: Yulia Skalkovich — a student of Brest State Technical University. Interestingly, she was born in the village of Kleiniki in the Brest District, as was Olga Nevdakh — who took the title a decade ago.

The Miss Belarus contest allowed the girls to show not only their beauty but their talents. The musical accompaniment for the winners was provided by youngsters who have taken part in ONT TV Channel projects: I Sing (gifted youngsters from single-parent families and orphanages) and the Academy of Talents.

Yulia Skalkovich was named Miss Photo even before the finals and, on Friday (May 4th), she received the Miss Belarus crown from Lyudmila Yakimovich, Miss Belarus-2010.

Residents from Yulia’s village were the first to congratulate her; many among them had persuaded Yulia to enter the contest. Of course, Kleiniki is full of beauties, as school teacher Yelena Malyavko confirms. She adds, “It’s genetic. Yulia’s parents are very beautiful.”

The director of the local arts school, Valery Rodionov, is confident that Ms. Skalkovich is beautiful in every way. “She has been given the ‘Miss Belarus’ title because it’s written on her face that she is smart. Intellect and an attractive appearance are a rare combination. Yulia also draws well and sews beautiful dolls. She has a friendly character too. Plenty of boys pursued her in the past but she didn’t date them, as she wouldn’t without being in love.”

Kleiniki villagers tell us that Yulia returned home from the contest very quietly, almost stealthily — at night. She switched off her phones and didn’t leave the house until it was time to go to Brest for her university classes. Truly, she dreams of becoming an architect rather than a model.

“I enjoy designing buildings. I’ve missed a great deal at university so I’m glad to be back. My fiance, Andrey, is also an architect. He actually drove me to the Miss Belarus pageant but, in line with the contest’s rules, I can’t marry for two years now,” Yulia admits.

Ms. Skalkovich will be taking part in international beauty pageants. Previously, she wasn’t keen on high heels, and would shy from showing off or drawing attention to herself. Now, she has revealed new facets of her personality and a great future lies before her. She will be the face of Belarus for the next two years.

Gomel’s Victoria Shavel is the First Runner-Up while Anastasia Pogranichanya from Zhodino is the Second Runner-Up.

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