Wonder dinner for children

Delicious brand-news will be produced in a canning plant in Vitebsk

Delicious brand-news will be produced in the fruit and vegetable plant in Vitebsk.

New kinds of canned food for children will appear on store shelves in May. They are made on the basis of «two-in-one». Innovative products were developed by local technology on European technologies. As said Gleb Belov, Deputy General Director of JSC «Vitebsk fruit and vegetable plant» that such canned goods had never been produced in Belarus at all. Meat, fish and vegetables canned goods were produced, but never meat and fish with vegetables in a single package combined.

According to the marketing research, tasty and healthy treats with chicken, beef, salmon and hake combined with tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin and broccoli will be very much in demand by Belarusians. Similar products produced in Russia is inferior to domestic because of the price. In order to made  a new production plant they were had to reconstruct the production of baby food and retrofit it with modern equipment. Parties of soup-puree and puree have already left from the assembly line. The quality of new products is highly appreciated by specialists. All necessary certificates have been received. Canned foods with meat will be on the trading network. In August, canned fish goods will be on the sale. All will be sold under well-known in our country and abroad brand name «Baby». More recently they have started to release natural juices in premium class. For these purposes the glass container 0.33 liter is used at the plant. This is the most eco-friendly packaging.

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