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Wolf’s Sun tells of young intelligence officer

Shooting completed on 12-part adventure drama co-produced by Belarusfilm National Film Studio and Star Media Distribution Russian Film Company
By Vladimir Samsonov

Wolf’s Sun is set in 1924, on the territory of Poland and Soviet Belarus, narrating the work of a young Soviet intelligence officer. 
On the precipice of invasion from Poland, our hero must do the impossible in trying to prevent this, acting under the commander of the operation.

Belarusian actors Alexander Sutskover, Anatoly Golub, Oleg Tkachev, Ivan Matskevich, Sergey Vlasov, Sergey Kovalsky from Belarus, Vladimir Ilin, Andrey Merzlikin, Yekaterina Klimova, Alexander Robak, Pavel Trubiner and Olga Krasko are joined by Gela Meskhi from Russia, and Ewa Szykulska, Jan Frycz, Magdalena Rуzanska and Krzysztof Bochenek from Poland. The film is to premiere at the end of this year or early 2015.
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