Without excessive concern or needless trouble

Charter helicopter flights organised to Grodno Airport from Lithuanian Druskininkai

By Irina Samokhina

An indoor ski complex — unique throughout the Baltic States — is due to open at a Lithuanian spa resort, enabling Belarusian tourists (who usually attend local famous mineral spas) to enjoy snowboarding, skiing and sledging.

Just over 50km separate Druskininkai and Grodno, taking a bus less than an hour. Once a helicopter route is launched, it will take around several dozen minutes — no time at all. Lithuania has initiated the helicopter flight, with the Head of Belaeronavigation’s Grodno branch, Anatoly Kuprashevich, asserting that he sees no obstacles to the idea. Grodno will be able to accept the helicopter without difficulty. “We register charter planes from all over the globe almost every day. Our airport can accept any aircraft, including helicopters. No special sites are needed, so the project should go ahead,” he notes.

The railway also plans to simplify travel for its passengers, launching Internet booking by late 2011. Travellers will be able to print their tickets from home up to an hour before departure, avoiding queues.

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