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Without causing huge damages to earth

Resolution of Co-operation for Transition to ‘Green Economy’ in the Context of Sustainable Development unanimously approved by General Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment at OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
By Vladimir Kharchenko

The adopted resolution aims to foster economic growth without putting pressure on the environment, promoting renewable energy sources, while embracing eco-friendly technologies and manufacturing practices. It is part of the Istanbul Declaration, passed on July 3rd, at the final sitting of the annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Belarus is promoting sustainable development at global and regional level, promoting a welfare economy and economical use of natural resources and the reduction of hazardous emissions.

The House of Representatives notes that, in 2012, the 22nd annual session of the OSCE PA, hosted by Istanbul, passed a resolution entitled Promoting New and Renewable Sources of Energy, drafted by the Belarusian delegation. This expands the field of application from the previous resolution. Headed by the Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives, Victor Guminsky, the Belarusian delegation included the Chairman of the Council of the Republic’s Permanent Commission for International Affairs and National Security, Vladimir Senko, and a member of the Permanent Commission for International Affairs at the House of Representatives of Belarus, Valentina Leonenko.
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