Within the frames of a monetary program

The National bank of Belarus has approved the list of commemorative coins, planned to be issued in 2008
The document is prepared on the basis of the offers, received from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Ministry of Culture, Belarusian Republican public association of collectors and foreign numismatic organizations.

In future will appear commemorative coins, dedicated to 100 years from the date of birth of an outstanding Belarusian sculptor Zair Azgur and 200 years from the date of birth of the classic of Belarusian culture, a famous Belarusian poet, playwright, theatrical man Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich.
Series “The Saint and Belarusian traditions” will be continued by the issue of commemorative coins “Dziady”. In the series “Belarusian wildlife reserves” it is planned to chop commemorative coins, dedicated to the republican landscape wildlife reserve “Lipichanskaya puscha”, in the series “Family traditions of the Slavic people” — commemorative coins “Housewarming” and “Christening”, in the series “Belarusian folk legends” — commemorative coins “The legend about a cuckoo”.

A big white heron will supplement annual issue of commemorative coins from the series “The bird of the year”. Exactly she was defined the bird of the year in Belarus in 2008 by the public organization “Motherland birds’ protection”.

Within the frames of the monetary program, accepted at the 15th meeting of the Council of administrators of the central (national) banks of EurAzEs member-states, an issue of the commemorative coin of a new series “The capitals of EurAzEs states”, dedicated to Minsk. This monetary program, united by a singular symbolics, is called to assist and symbolize the intentions of EurAzEs states to deepening of friendly relations and closer cooperation, allowing showing traditions and national peculiarities of the states.

As earlier, in 2008 participation of the National bank of Belarus in international monetary programs will be continued.

Anna Bondarchuk
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