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Belarusian book publishers bring great premieres to Moscow

With new wonderful books into new season

The Moscow International Book Trade Fair has opened at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, bringing together 400 Russian and foreign publishers, from 30 countries.

Visitors to exhibition near national Belarusian stand

Belarus demonstrated its produce in pavilion #75, over 48sq.m, displaying the country’s best editions: artistic, educational, children’s, popular science and reference-encyclopaedic.

Minsk book publishers have been taking part in Moscow book forums since 1977 but, this year, dedicated their exposition to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. Among those at the event this year are Belarus Publishing House, Petrus Brovka Belarusian Encyclopaedia Publishing House, Zvyazda Publishing House, and Yakub Kolas Polygraphic Factory.

On show were works by winners of the International Patriotic Poster Contest for CIS Youth, held under the slogan ‘We Appreciate Peace’. The Information Ministry of Belarus initiated the contest, and its head, Lilia Ananich, opened the Belarusian exposition.

Ms. Ananich stated, “As is traditional, Belarus is here in Moscow for a book trade fair, not only to present its new editions but to develop creative contacts. The vital aim is to promote the creation of wonderful books. Many of our projects are possible thanks to co-operation and financial assistance from the Government of Moscow. We’ve brought landmark editions to this year’s event, dedicated to the history of our state and its modern day life, its culture and art, its present and future...”

The Director of Zvyazda Publishing House, Alexander Karlyukevich, tells us, “We’re presenting a range of new books, including two almanacs: Consonance. Belarus-Moscow; and Consonance. Belarus-St. Petersburg. These include works by prose writers, poets and literary critics, from our Belarusian capital, and from the two Russian capitals. In my opinion, these works perfectly characterise literary processes within the Union State. Deserving of mention is The Great Patriotic War in Photography, by V.I. Arkashev: an edition filled with over 500 original photographs on military and household themes, from 70 years ago. All were taken by military photo reporter Vasily Arkashev and have been stored at the Belarusian State Archive of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings.”

Mr. Karlyukevich stresses that the album contains several little-known photos by wonderful Russian poet Alexander Tvardovsky, who served in the war years with the Third Belarusian Front newspaper. It was there that he first published his famous poem Vasily Terkin.

Judging from previous trade fairs, we can say that educational literature enjoys great demand. This time, Pachatkovaya Shkola Publishing House brought several of its novelties to the Russian capital. Its Castle Belarus album was among the main highlights, presented by the Information Ministry of Belarus and Yakub Kolas Polygraphic Factory. Meanwhile, gourmets will be delighted to peruse Belarus Publishing House’s Belarusian National Cuisine.

By Alexander Borisevich

Photo: BELTA
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