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A unique book of reminiscences about Petr Masherov published

A unique book of reminiscences about Petr Masherov published

Petr Masherov is worthy to stand among the famous figures of recent history. On February, 13 current he would have had his 95th birthday. At memorial evenings, which took place in Vitebsk and Minsk, people said that he was the only hero of the Soviet Union to successfully lead the republic and make a valuable contribution to its prosperity.

Petr Mironovich hasn’t left his memoirs. He considered it unethical to write his own biography, rightfully believing that only people could be the most rigorous and fair judges for the leaders of such rank. Recently, many articles have appeared about Masherov. Together with truthful stories, there are ones that distort the meaning and outcome of his diverse and productive work.

Therefore the public regional organization "Belarusians of Moscow" suggested to prepare a collection of stories about Masherov, written by those who worked and met directly with him. Comrades, colleagues and associates of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus actively set to work. Their reminiscences resulted in a beautifully illustrated book "Petr Masherov, the Son of the Belarusian people".

The authors of this book are well-known and respected in Belarus, Russia and Azerbaijan. Among them are party and government officials, industry and agriculture managers, scientists, writers, artists, composers, architects, and military men.

The spiritual world of Petr Mironovich formed in the family. As his sister Olga Pronko confirms in the book, there was an atmosphere of mutual support and assistance, safety and respect for people. Petr’s favorite subject was mathematics.

The outstanding abilities of Masherov became evident at the time he was a teacher. He awakened a desire for knowledge and instilled a high sense of patriotism in children. When the war broke, he fought bravely, and was twice wounded, his fellow man-at-arms Vladimir Shutsky recalls.

Managing the country, Petr Mironovich saw its future connected with a knowledge-based, competitive and eco-protection model of development. And this model succeded, the many contributors to the book state.

Engineering, petrochemical, electronic and other industries were created in the country. Production of quality goods was developed, being exported to over 100 countries. Scientific ideas became more precious than gold and diamonds.

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