Winter drive on snow slopes

Mountain skiing resort welcomes Grodno residents
By Yelena Sokolova

A dozen kilometres away from Grodno, close to the Korobchitsy Grodno Homestead agro-tourist complex, the first stage of a new mountain skiing resort has recently welcomed its first guests. Residents of the regional centre truly enjoyed the site. One local, Svetlana Yurkevich, commented, “The opening of a ski resort near Grodno was an intrigue for all city residents, as no facility of the kind has ever worked here. We understand that the place is undergoing testing, and that more work lies ahead, but the idea is really brilliant. From now on, Grodno residents will be able to enjoy a weekend trip to Korobchitsy all year round.”

The resort, costing over Br33bn, occupies 27 hectares, has three slopes: a 450m mountain slope (with an angle of 40 degrees), a 350m medium-complexity slope (with an angle of 12 degrees) and a 250m straight slope for children. An administrative building and parking facilities are also ready. Three chairlifts take holidaymakers to the top and four snow-generating machines are at work.

“This is an amateur sporting object. With this in mind, we have invited city residents to test it and to share their impressions, which will be taken into account in our work. Start-up and adjustment works are in full swing: we are testing the slopes, chairlifts, snow-generating machines and snow groomers. The object will be to soon obtain an owner — the resort is being assessed at the moment for future sale,” explains the Head of the Department for Sports and Tourism at the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, Oleg Andreichik.
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