Windows of the World

Jubilee exhibition of muralist and artist Viktor Tikhonov took place in Minsk Museum of Modern Fine Arts
Viktor Tikhonov presented many of his recent works. His mosaics, frescos and glass paintings beautify interiors in many cities of Belarus and all over the world. Nature is a drainless source of inspiration for the maestro.

The artist himself believes there is something new in his oeuvre, a tendency towards a panoramic design of his works that cover two, three or even more canvases. “These are windows overlooking the world and nature through which I perceive the things that surround us. I try to express these perceptions using artistic methods,” the artist said.

Viktor Tikhonov was born in the Vitebsk Region and graduated from Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute where Gavriil Vaschenko was his curator. Tikhonov’s first exhibition took place in 1976. His works have been exhibited in Germany, Spain, the USA, Switzerland and Sweden. Tikhonov is a “regular customer” of biennales and art salons.

Tikhonov is characterized by an impressionistic manner and tends to work in bright strokes that create an original play of colors and inimitable interpretation of natural forms.

Tikhonov’s works may be found in collections of the Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk Museum of Modern Fine Arts, Cristobel Gabarron Foundation, Spain, Museum of the Arts Academy in Grenada, National Library of Madrid, Museum of Modern Spanish Engravings in the town of Marbella, American Zimmerli Art Museum and numerous private collections.
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