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New opportunities for enterprises in Belarus and France

Window of opportunities opens wide

New opportunities for enterprises in Belarus and France

The Vice President of the France-Belarus parliamentary friendship group of the National Assembly of France, Thierry Mariani, expects to see new opportunities open up for Belarusian and French companies in the near future. Chatting with the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus, Anatoly Rusetsky, Mr. Mariani noted, “I think that new opportunities will open up for French and Belarusian companies over the next year since there are no more obstacles to mutually beneficial co-operation.”

Mr. Mariani added that it was his twentieth visit to Belarus and that he believes relations between Belarus and France are yet to reach their full potential. “Your country has been portrayed in a negative light in Europe in recent years,” he said, while underlining that the attitude towards Belarus is gradually changing.

Mr. Mariani hopes for positive change and feels certain that the geographical position of the country will help, as the European Union views Belarus as a point of entry to the Eurasian Economic Union market.

By Alexey Fedotov
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