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Wide opportunities for travellers

Belarusian agro estates visited by ever more people annually
The number of tourists using the services of agrotourism in 2011 exceeded 144,000 (1.2 times more than in 2010). Among such visitors, Belarusians accounted for 85.2 percent, Russians for 10.5 percent, Ukrainians for 1.2 percent and Poles for 0.6 percent. The average length of stay was 7.2 days last year (up from 2.6 days in 2010).

According to the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, in 2011, there were 1,576 sites offering related services: in the Brest Region — 178, in the Vitebsk Region — 359, in the Gomel Region — 332, in the Grodno Region — 185, in the Minsk Region — 304, and in the Mogilev Region — 218.

Wide opportunities are open to travellers to the Republic of Belarus, with new routes being developed and work being done to enhance the image of the country.

In 2011, our health resorts saw 813,300 visitors — up 102,700 on 2010. Last year, 421 health resorts were operational, including 73 spas, 13 children’s rehabilitation and fitness centres, 3 rest houses, 1 pension, 93 recreation centres, 6 tourist and recreation centres, 19 tourist centres and 22 health centres.
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