Who is the Best Vet?

Belarus has held an international contest for vet students
Ten teams from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine arrived in Vitebsk to find out who was the best both in theory and practice. The “host team” from Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary has a perfect track record and the chances to win were excellent, but it was a huge responsibility for the city, as it was the first Belarusian university that played host to such a contest.

— We did our best to get ready, says vice-principle supervising the training and production process, Yelena Bratushkina. — We are certain the good organization of the contest will make our academy more prestigious, besides, it is always useful to communicate with colleagues from other countries.

One of the oldest Russian universities, Kazan Bauman State Academy of Veterinary, established contacts with the Vitebsk-based academy long ago. The honorary scientist of Belarus Professor Mikhail Zhakov, who headed the Vitebsk academy in 1968-1995, had defended his doctoral thesis in Kazan.

— I like the practical part of the contest most of all, says Ildar Yapparov, a student of the fifth year of Kazan Academy. — I like it when I can find an untraditional solution and help the sick animal.
The theoretical part of the contest was very close to real life, too.

— The first task was to describe methods to fight bird flu that are used in various countries of the world, the captain of the host team and the winner of the individual competition Victoria Paiterova says. — We then provided recommendations as to ways to protect consumers from low-quality foodstuffs.

The team from Vitebsk was named the best team as a result of the contest.

by Sergej Golesnik
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