Where to find business elite?

Where “to beat out” the national business elite? Dmitry Krypsky, the director of the Systems Study and business-education Centre of Scientific Personnel Training Institute (NAS) of Belarus, knows the answer
In due time Belarus jumped deindustrialization and put her economic potential to its proper use choosing the course on preservation of large manufacturing industry. The choice turned out to be true: the macroeconomic indices increased, the level of prosperity expanded. But modern world doesn’t stand still. In the middle 80s of the XXth century the western countries, which market is so attractive to our enterprises, have started turn to postindustrial model of economic development. Today technological leaders of the planet (first of all the USA and core of EU) use their technical supremacy inflicting their rules of game on others, less developed countries. Meanwhile they have tools over the odds. They include requirements of the World Tourism Organization regulating trade and economic relations between countries, and also legal restraints on traffic of high technologies in strategically important branches. Finally, it is inequivalent external-economic exchange strengthening the technologic irrelevance from western countries. Global calls demand from Belarus its transfer of national economy to the way of innovative development which will allow us to keep economic independence.

— And who is against? The choice of innovative way of development is registered in many programs, which are already realized …

— But the main emphasis is made on creation of a modern infrastructure. The presence of competent and socially-responsible professionals-managers owning modern technologies of management is not less important. Today information and knowledge became the main operative force of world scientific and technical progress. Only private American companies to increase educational level of their personnel in the end of 90th years spent nearly 30 billion dollars. Russia, China, South Korea and Taiwan spend so much for scientific researches taken together.

— You want to say, that preparation of our staff does not meet modern requirements? And what to do with the statement that the belarusian education is called up in the world market, too? Let’s have a look at our programmers. Americans entice them by different kolatches, even green cards (residence permits)…

— According to Institute of economy of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the personnel requirements of national economy on experts of innovative projects management and commercialization technologies amount to 7000 people. Actually, as far as I know, the annual release of such experts amounts to no less than 30–50 people. The experts on logistics, information technologies, electronic commerce, and industrial design remain not less deficient. The business elite is interested in getting of the additional competitive advantages connected with its use of more perfect tools and technologies, forms and methods of management in economic practice. It needs them for making of the competent decisions directed on the increase of efficiency of managing and growth of profit. And this elite “is forged” not in public educational sector, but in private business-schools.

— And what is the difference between private sector of business training and the education that experts and listeners get in traditional high schools?

— The training of experts and directors is formed, as a rule, as a desk-seminar system at which the lecturer only broadcasts the data to the listeners, concerning any aspects of their professional work. They need modern technologies of training (business games, the analysis of concrete situations from administrative practice) for business-elite training.
Today there is not enough teaching personnel, capable to develop and lead business game. Thus, the overwhelming majority of such experts is concentrated in private business-schools.

— And what is your offer?

— To define the role and place business-training in national innovative system of Belarus. For this purpose to generate the mechanism of its state regulation, regulatory and legal framework, the program of preparation and retraining of the managerial personnel in all branches. It is possible to train innovative managers in HTP (High-Tech park) having created there the faculty of innovative-technological business management. Why in HTP? Because this establishment is the core of that economy which will define the national identity of our country in 7–10 years.
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